Together we can plan your dream wedding!

To the happy couple:

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re in love, you’re engaged and soon you’ll be married. I’m delighted that you have found each other and that together you have found me. Now it’s time to begin a new chapter of your life: planning your wedding as a declaration of your love for each other and as a demonstration of how much you value your guests. There’s all the more reason for you to be supported by a professional in planning your wedding, so that your wedding preparations are harmonious, your ideas are realized in the celebration, and it is a wonderful day that you and your guests will remember forever. Together we can plan your wedding so that you have a relaxed start to a lifetime of happiness.

Barbara Kowalke,
Founder and Managing Director since 2003

Dear Barbara,
We want to thank you once again in this way for your professional support. We still dream about that beautiful day and the outstanding impressions. With greetings and heartfelt thanks from the bridal couple

Gabriela and Robert from Linz

Dear Barbara,
Thank you for the unforgettable celebration!

Lilia and Andreas from Dusseldorf

Dear Barbara,
you planned the most wonderful wedding for our daughter Kaitlin in Lech. We have so many happy memories of that time! It all seems like a beautiful dream now. We are forever grateful for your exquisite care and planning.

Peggy and Peter from USA

Dear Barbara!
You are still present among us, as hardly a week goes by without someone bringing up our celebration with us. The celebration was ‘the talk of the town’ in Luxemburg and it made many people who were not invited very jealous…

Many warm greetings from Luxemburg from Eilo and Pol

Hello Barbara,
Our wedding was a dream. Everything went brilliantly, it was simply one of the best days of our lives.

With best wishes, Corina and Christian from Bregenz

Dear Ms Kowalke,
It was super the way you turned our wedding into an absolute highlight. Thank you!

Katrin and Alfred from Germany

Dear Barbara,
thank you so much for all your assistance to make our wedding day special! If you or your family ever visit Australia, we would love to reciprocate your kindness.

Cathy & Peter from Australia

Dear Barbara,
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your energetic support. You were a great help and enrichment to the preparation of our wedding with your experience, patience and empathy.

Manuela and Jürgen from Feldkirch

Give me a call! Together we can turn your dream wedding into a reality. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Yes, I want to make my wedding wishes come true.

Why it is good to hire a wedding planner

The wedding is one of the most meaningful celebrations for a couple. In the many years that I have worked as a wedding planner between Vienna and Bregenz, the demands on a wedding celebration have increased enormously. Not only on the on the couple’s part – also on the guests’ part. As a wedding planner from the word ‘go’, I know that planning and organizing a wedding is very time-consuming and demanding. Beginning with the search for and choosing the right wedding locations, musicians, florists and such services, up to the countless meetings and telephone calls in order to arrange the dates and the details.

Because the bride and bridegroom are as a general rule very tied up in work, these extra organizational tasks often mean enormous stress and a heavy burden for them. This often extends beyond the bridal couple to include the rest of the family. What starts off as romantic often ends in arguments and sadly also the first problems in the relationship.

To spare you this, and to give you the most happy and joyful wedding preparation period as well as wedding celebration, I offer you my help as an experienced wedding planner. Through my help, you can enjoy this time because I will take on most of the work. That is what my name stands for.

Let me plan your perfect dream wedding

If life teaches us anything, it is that there is no such thing as absolute perfection. Nevertheless, with my many years of experience, my organizational talent my creativity and my Europe-wide network, I am nearly there. Near enough to realise your dream wedding! Every bridal couple has different ideas and wishes. I will happily fulfil these with great joy and commitment!

Let yourself be convinced and read what bridal couples have to say about me.

Why I am the right wedding planner

As the founder of the agency, with more than 20 years of planning experience, I organise unique weddings and wedding ceremonies in all of Austria. From Bregenz to Vienna. In castles, exclusively equipped farms, and chalets. With wedding celebrations lasting one or several days. For both large and small budgets.

I will show you the most beautiful locations, recommend the best wedding service providers and advise you on the order of events and loving details according to your wishes and ideas. I will realise the most unusual wishes for you – provided that they fit the legal framework and fulfil local requirements and provisions.

I know from my many years of experience how much time is required, how much experience and what knowledge goes into planning and organising a wedding. I also know the tension it creates and what is required to perfectly coordinate all service providers in the days before the wedding celebrations. Hundreds of emails, telephone calls, conversations in person, inspections, and negotiations precede the big day. Use your valuable time for other things! I love my work and I know what to do and what is expected of me.

Place your wedding planning in my experienced hands with plenty of trust! I will work for you tirelessly and confidentially – entirely according to your wishes and demands.

The most important things about me

  • You profit from my decades-long experience in the events and wedding sectors.
  • I will realise your wedding with unforgettable beautiful moments which you and your guests will talk about for years to come.
  • Quality-tested by TÜV Österreich:
    • I am particularly pleased with the existing certification through the TÜV in Vienna, which makes me one of the few quality-tested wedding planners in Austria.
  • Services range from advice to planning exclusive weddings.
  • I know the most beautiful locations in Austria.
  • Area of activity from Vienna to Bregenz.
  • I work in the background and make operations run smoothly.
  • Europe-wide network of service providers.
  • I make the impossible possible and dedicate myself to the wishes of my bridal couple.
  • I stand for quality, reliability, creativity and good taste.
  • Let us plan your wedding together with passion! You are in experienced hands with me.
  • Wedding planning is my passion and the bridal couples who I support notice this. Under my agency I employ experienced professionals in all sectors.

Ask Ms Kowalke

  • I heard that people throw rice at the bridal couple. Are there alternatives to this?

    Strawberries – so long as they are in season – provide a spectacular possibility. If you decide to take this option: I will also happily provide a mobile cleaning service. And strawberries.

  • Is throwing rice at the bridal couple when they leave the church at more upmarket weddings also permitted?

    Only with prior agreement of the relevant parish office. If the parish office agrees, be certain to choose rice of appropriate quality. I recommend Sadri rice from Iran. This rice is unfortunately hard to find in Europe – I will happily take care of that for you!

  • What makes a wedding a special wedding?

    First and foremost, you and your partner make the wedding special. I will take care of organizing the unforgettable details for you!

Ask Ms Kowalke