I planned the weddings for these happy couples. Many thanks for your appreciative words!

Dear Barbara,
Many thanks for your services and your very kind support. Without you our celebration would not have become this unforgettable day! Many thanks!

Claudia and Richard from Vienna

Dear Barbara,
We cannot thank you enough for your wonderful support. We would never have been able to achieve this fantastic wedding without your help. A thousand thanks.

Kirsten and Alex from Switzerland

Dear Barbara,
Thank you for your wonderful services and your great organization. Designing our wedding with you gave us great joy. We really thank you, dear Barbara, for the best support.

Julia and Jakob from Vienna

Dear Barbara,
we think of you very fondly. You did such an exemplary job with our wedding and we will forever be thankful to you. Thank you very much!

Kaitlin & William from USA

Dear Barbara,
Thank you for organizing the perfect weekend for us! We still think back to the many beautiful moments. With best wishes

Alex and Ati from Switzerland.

Dear Barbara,
Our wedding was wonderful, simply perfect. We are overjoyed. Thank you once again for your great support. You thought of everything, arranged everything, and always had a smile on your face while doing so. Dear Barbara, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

Selina and Matthias from Vorarlberg

Dear Barbara,
Thank you for the wonderful planning for our big day!

Jessica and Stefan from Bregenz

Dear Barbara,
Thanks for the brilliant support of the world’s best wedding planner! Without your wonderful help it would not have become an unforgettable day. Thanks ‘Barbarella’!

Michaela and Ferry from Salzburg

Hi Barbara,
we and all of our friends are still reminiscing about the great weekend. It was amazing!

Best, Emely & Guillaume aus Belgien

Dear Barbara,
We want to thank you once again in this way for your professional support. We still dream about that beautiful day and the outstanding impressions. With greetings and heartfelt thanks from the bridal couple

Gabriela and Robert from Linz

Call me and let’s make your dream wedding a reality together. I look forward to meeting you.

Yes, I want to make my dream wedding come true.

Many months pass between the first meeting with the bridal couple to the wedding celebrations. In this time, I will support the bride and bridegroom with all my knowledge and my empathy. Even for me as a professional, an unimaginable amount of time, conversations, emails, telephone calls and online meetings are required – not only with the bridal couple, but also all possible contact persons. Everything must be considered, nothing can be left to chance.

So that you and your guests can relax and celebrate, the running order of your wedding must function perfectly. You can trust me, your wedding planner!