Get married in Vienna

Most of all, the capital city of Austria offers foreign couples a whole host of tourist sights and attractions. Who doesn’t know St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna or the Ferris Wheel in the Prater. The magnificent castles, palaces and residences are particularly popular. As a wedding destination Vienna offers a variety of opportunities.

Traumhafte Dekoration für eine Hochzeit in Wien

The Viennese pastries and excellent cuisine are also known around the world. Trust in my stylistic competence and my excellent network and you will experience an unforgettably beautiful wedding which your guests will talk about your whole life long.

Plan with me

Dear Barbara, Our best decision so far was to make use of your help as a wedding planner. Most people face many challenges in their job – among other things, perfection, quick action and the best service are demanded. To run smoothly, a wedding should also be planned according to these attributes. If one isn’t a professional in this area, one does not just miss out on the ideas and the contacts, but also experience in executing this. We enjoyed talking about all of our expectations and ideas with you as our wedding planner and letting you take on all of the organisation. In doing so we saved ourselves all the pressure of making sure everything was dealt with, nothing was forgotten, everyone was informed, everything. There is nothing more lovely than to trust someone to perfectly organise everything surrounding this special day. Thanks to your coaching we could focus on the important things in a wedding, without stressing about the organisation which ran in the background. By doing this we were also able to properly enjoy the hopefully most beautiful day of our lives and the time before this. We truly thank you, dear Barbara Kowalke, for the best support!
Dear Barbara, Many thanks for your commitment and your most kind support! Without you our celebration would not have become this unforgettable day! Many thanks!
Dear Barbara, We experienced a wonderful, unforgettable wedding day. Many heartfelt thanks for everything.