Romantische Berghochzeit in Lech - Unvergessliche Momente der Liebe

Get married in Lech am Arlberg

Lech is a small town in the west of Austria. The town has built a reputation on its mountains and gastronomy. As a wedding planner with many years of experience I have already organised many international summer and winter weddings in Lech. I have also helped to organise many romantic proposals in Lech. Couples who have decided on Lech with me come from all over the world: from America and Europe, for example from England, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands. Lech is a truly wonderful place for couples who love luxury.

Dekorierter Hochzeitstisch für eine unvergessliche Feier in Lech
Elegante Hochzeitstorte als Highlight einer Traumhochzeit in Lech

Organising weddings in mountains of Lech is challenging. Couples who I have supported are very thankful for my help and my wealth of experience. I know the conditions and requirements and I will plan an unforgettably beautiful stay with a multi-day, diverse supporting programme with the bridal couple. Each wedding and each proposal in Lech was a great success for the couple and their guests.

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Dear Barbara,We think of you very fondly. You did such an exemplary job with our wedding and we will be forever thankful to you. Thank you very much!
Dear Barbara,Thanks for everything; what a great weekend! All the love,
Dear Barbara,We and all our friends are still reminiscing about the great weekend. It was amazing!
Dear Barbara,You planned the most wonderful wedding for our daughter Kaitlin in Lech. We have so many happy memories of that time! It all seems like a beautiful dream now. We are forever grateful for your exquisite care and planning.
Dear Barbara,Thank you very much for realising my dream! It has been an unforgettable experience from start to finish. Also on behalf of my future wife Bibi, I would like to thank you again for all your efforts to make Thursday evening an unforgettable experience. The horse carriage, the torches, the accordionist, the food, the schnapps, the lights, the heart, the skiers, the music, the roses, the restaurant, the table setting – everything was perfect! Really amazing!
Dear Barbara,Heartfelt thanks for organising the perfect weekend for us! We are constantly looking back to the many beautiful moments. Best wishes,